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Blow Fill Seal Technology


A Trusted Name in Turnkey Solutions for Plastic Packaging Innovations to Pharma, Food, Dairy & Liquor Industry

MEPL Makes Things Happen

Proven World Wide Technology for Blow Fill Seal(BFS) Now Available From Indigenous (INDIA) Sources

Machine Advantages

  • Design Your Own Container Capacity
  • Design Your Own Machine Capacity
  • Design Your Own Automation Levels
  • Design Your Own Container Aesthetics
  • Container Design Can Be Exclusive/Patented

Machine Advantages

  • Run Polypropylene, HDPE,LDPE on same Machine
  • Perfect Substitute to Glass ,HDPE bottles, Tetra pack
  • Machine Available at 1/3rd Delivery Period
  • Buy at 1/4th of Imported Machine Cost
  • Application for Single/Multi use Bottles

Vision & Mission

  • Innovation & continuous research is our passion & not profession. We develop & deliver customized solutions for our esteemed clients in their close consultation.
  • We develop machines to match the current trends of Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy & Distillery industry which share similar nature of product i.e. any kind of liquid product.
  • Container size & aesthetic is created/designed as per the product's market placement.

Process Advantage for Dairy Industry

  • UHT/Flavored/Pesteurised milk is filled in FFS machine under aseptic conditions thus saving on terminal sterilization where transportation temperature is up to 40 degree.
  • This Process shall be around 20% cost effective
  • Material shall proceed for labeling through conveyor directly from FFS Machine.
  • Hands free operation . More hygiene for food industry

Plastic Materials Provide Several Advantages to the Producer and User

  • First delivery of FFS machines for Pharmaceutical industry dates back to the end of the sixties. Demand for such products increased during the last decades. At a time when the filling of glass bottles was still standard procedure, pharmaceutical manufacturers began to recognize the important advantages offered by Form Fill Seal & Blow-Fill-Seal technology.
  • Plastic materials provide several advantages to the producer and user of related products. There are plastic materials available according to the USFDA which are inert, do not contain additives, have low water vapor permeability and are easy and safe to handle in the hospitals. The packages are environmentally friendly and disposal or recycling is achieved without any pollution risks.

FFS Technology does not need additional active additives

  • Today packaging designs are so far advanced as to allow low wall thickness containers, excellent collapsibility and thus eliminate the need for an air vent. FFS machines are also increasingly used in countries where the health care industry is being developed in order to serve their population with high quality products. Within the past 40 years, hundreds of FFS machines have been delivered all over the world for single use application in health care industry.

Advantages of B.F.S. vs. Glass & Tetra pack

  • No chance of adulteration
  • Savings on glass bottle washing & handling cost
  • 40-50% packaging cost reduction than Tetra pack helps recover fixed cost within 18-24 month's time @ 100% ICU.
  • Customer friendly being BFS process
  • Machine shall adhere to highest industry standards
  • Versatile use of Machine. Can fill any thin liquid
  • No breakage
  • Complete avoidance of reused bottle hence complete hygiene
  • Saves crown cap & its printing cost
  • Huge savings on storage space
  • Savings on freight for raw material & finished product
  • 15-18 times light weight makes product handling very easy
  • No opener is reqd. as bottle comes with pilfer proof twist open bottle cap being single use
  • Aesthetically much better product appearance
  • Saving of administration Cost of stores employees
  • Easy distribution
  • Consumer preference will create additional market being light weight as is already created in soft drink market.
  • Ultra light carton reqd. for secondary packaging & Handling system

"B.F.S." the Blow Fill Seal Technology

Till recently the Blow Fill and Seal Technology is mainly used for pharmaceutical solutions. The examples of pharmaceutical solutions which can be packaged are, injectable solutions, antibiotics, ophthalmological drops, suspensions, infusion solution, solutions for dialysis, solutions for irrigation and solutions for hemofiltration.

However besides this main field of application, this technology has also been used for packaging of fresh fruit juices, non aerated drinks, milk and various cosmetic products including creams when filled in aseptic conditions.

Manufacturing Process under B.F.S./F.F.S.

Typical Pharma Mfg. under Single Operation

Blowing Process
Above step is Blow moulding of the container from plastic granule. The parison is closed between the mould, and the container gets formed either by blowing sterile compressed air or by vacuum or by using vacuum as well as blowing. Container assumes shape of the cavity in mould. Container thus produced is open from the top and in its top part, plastic is still hot and in molten state until the subsequent steps of filling and container sealing.

Filling Process
Subsequent step is Filling of the formed container from the top which is still open (and still in hot-molten state!). Filling nozzles enter from the top of container and filling is done. Filling nozzles are specially designed and constructed to facilitate automatic cleaning and automatic sterilization. Additional functions of filling nozzles are to blow the bottles and also to provide exhaust path for air in the container. Filling process can be carried out under a shower of sterile filtered air to avoid contamination during filling. The blower on the sterile air shower can have variable pressure which can be made to change automatically so as to maintain constant air pressure under various situations. The air shower is validated at certain air pressure, and an automatic device can maintain the same pressure by automatically modulating the speed of the blower.

Sealing Process
Next step is Sealing the top of the container which is still open and in hot molten state. The top gets pressed between head moulds, and as a consequence, top part of the container gets formed, sealed and at the same time, gets cooled. The result is a hermetically sealed container. The final steps are for de-flashing to remove the flash or scrap, trimming the containers and delivering the containers outside the machine. The whole process of extrusion-blowing-filling-and sealing and removing scrap takes between 10 to 18 seconds depending upon the type and size of the container. The advantage of Blow-Fill-Seal process is derived mainly from the fact that container is formed, quickly filled and sealed under protected environment automatically without human intervention.

Proven Technology
This system has been specifically studied to address the packaging needs of Parenteral Fluids , injectables & other liquid items in Food & Beverages, Dairy, Distillery & FMCG industry. The system works on principal of Blow Fill Seal and has been conceived by creative application of fantasy, engineering design and thorough knowledge of advanced materials and techniques.

Proven Technology

  • The system is designed to perform reliably & precisely throughout its long working life.
  • The machine is simple.
  • The robust construction does not require much maintenance.
  • The Machine has been continuously upgraded to adopt present Indian working conditions.
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